Final Project: Video Game

For this final project, my partner Jared Park and I decided to continue our video game prototype, Overcast. Overcast is a 2D video game with platformer and shoot ’em up mechanics. You play a flying pig who is running through the sky, defeating little, angry cloud minions, and staying alive as much as you can to reach the rainbow path of safety. Jared Park is the programmer and the designer, and I am the artist and the producer of this project. I created all the enemies, the backgrounds, the cloud tiles, the hero, and I created the sound the pig makes when it jumps. I was also in charge of keeping our tasks organized and up-to-date as we worked on this project.

We have made, and are in the process of making many changes to our game. We were having issues with our level complete screen and our music stopping within the game, so we have fixed the level complete screen and in the process of fixing the music. We also added more variants of enemies to our game. We added a different color of an angry cloud minion with lightning animations, and a floating black cloud with lightning animations as well. It is really enjoyable to shoot the floating cloud while simultaneously jumping in the air. Due to this, we added 3 “lives” to our hero. The flying pig will lose one life every time it comes in contact with one of the enemies. As mentioned, I attempted to make sounds, and I was able to make our jump sound effect. If I have time, I’ll create more. Additionally, we fixed our background to incorporate a parallax effect. I added a middle ground of white clouds for this effect to happen and made the background follow the main camera of the game in Unity.

Finally, we are also completing a boss fight level with the big, pink enemy as it shoots out mini versions of itself. The flying pig will have to be able to fight the enemy as well as its mini cloud minions. I created a darker background with darker cloud tiles to match a slightly gloomier sky theme compared to our happy, colorful, first level. If everything goes as planned, we will be ready to present all of this on Monday, May 24th.